10 Tips for Marketing your Nursing Home

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Marketing in a digital era is a very powerful tool for attracting potential new clients and lifting up your business and brand identity, in this article we’re bringing you 10 tips for marketing your nursing home. Quality marketing for nursing homes can be a game-changer in many aspects of this particular branch of the care-giving industry.

Marketing for nursing homes can help you significantly to attract new patients, and increase your revenue. However, because of the delicate nature of the nursing industry overall, it needs to be adjusted as non-intrusive, and still effective, with the main goal of regaining the trust and confidence of potential patients and their families. Also, in the post-covid period, strong marketing that leads to regaining trust in your care and infection prevention strategies can increase significantly the number of care receivers.

We are bringing you 10 efficient tips for marketing your nursing home, that will help your business grow and expand.

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1. Improve your website experience

Period 10 years ago, the website’s basic content was perceived by the audience as the main sours of information. But those days are behind us. These days websites use as a basic information tool, but they will not sell the service for you in that basic form. That means that they need to be upgraded with more user-friendly tools and provide multiple experiences for interested parties.

The goal of a website for your nursing home is to provide all the right and reliable insights, that visitors can convert by:

•           Signing up for your email newsletter

•           Calling to schedule a visit

•           Schedule a visit online

•           See a virtual tour of a facility

•           Calling or emailing you with additional questions

Effective marketing strategy on your website can generate more leads and engagement and attract a greater number of potential resident care recipients.

2. Social media impact

Social platforms are a very significant tool in every marketing strategy, as well as in marketing for nursing homes.

Today, everyone is on social media – so you need to be too! Social media platforms can improve the experience of potential clients by providing carefully designed content that will provide helpful data, improve your overall online presence and lift up your business to a higher level. These are some of the most proficient tactics to improve your social media traffic and engagement:

•           Launching a campaign targeted toward a unique audience

•           Posting relevant content of interest to your audience

•           Engaging with users that interact with your content and audience

•           Updating regularly your audience on news, events, the latest addiction       treatment research, and more

•           Utilizing the best social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Social media marketing strategies will give you insight into who engages with your campaigns. This will help you better identify and target the audience for future marketing efforts. That will help improve marketing for the nursing home experience altogether.

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3. Invest in video content marketing

Video marketing is viral these days, and for a good reason. According to reports, video content can help grow revenue 49% faster than non-video content. Not just this, almost 52% of healthcare marketers have cited video content as the type of content with the best ROI. You can use video to support your marketing efforts through every stage of the sales funnel – from building brand awareness to improving conversions. One of the most popular video formats is live streaming, which allows you to broadcast a video to your target audience in real-time. Live streaming is an incredibly effective way to engage and connect your target viewers virtually.

4. Blogging

Blog posts are a very popular tool in marketing, especially on particularly sensitive topics. Make sure that the content on your blog is always valuable and provides reliable and most important data. Pay attention to your prospective residents, their families, and their caregivers. What challenges are they facing? What could make their nursing home decision easier? What your facility offers to improve their quality of life?

5. Event Marketing

Event marketing is a very important component of successful marketing for nursing home strategy. When you open the doors to the community for events for prospects, residents, and their families that help them feel comfortable and at home in your facility.

Events like this are powerful transitions from the online marketing world to the “real” one, but you still can advertise them as a part of your marketing strategy. Ultimately, the goal is to get new residents into your facility so they can experience what it is that makes your nursing home the best choice.

6. Build a personal connection with your residence

A personal and warm approach to your residence is essential in this industry. Marketing for nursing homes has to include that “human” component in marketing strategy, because of the delicacy of the job itself in the first place. Listen to the vices of your patients, their families, and your audience and make them feel comfortable, important, welcome, and secure. With that kind of approach, their experience will be “visible” and it will encourage them to react and interact in a positive way on various online channels.

8. Attend local networking events and connect with a community

Business networking events and sales conversations are smart marketing strategies. Networking is essential these days, especially when it comes to marketing for nursing homes and healthcare overall. This refers to ones who are not looking to go over budget on advertising. You must look for opportunities to network at events specifically designed for your specialty.

9. Online Ad Campaigns

Devising and enacting an inbound marketing strategy that employs the first five tactics can get you powerful results. But if you want to amplify your results or get better results more quickly, online advertising can make a major impact.

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Both Google and Facebook (as well as other social platforms) can target ads with pinpoint accuracy. Target people regardless of where they are in the sales cycle. Target people who have previously visited your website. Target only those who are close to making a nursing home decision. Whatever your specific goal for a particular ad campaign, it is likely Google or Facebook can help you achieve it.

10. Be visible and always present

Marketing, to be successful, requires consistency and reliability. Consistency in your online presence is necessary when it comes to building community long-term trust, especially in the caregiving industry. Be engaged on your Social media platforms regularly, use an SEO tool to be more viable on Google, interact with your audience in a reasonable time frame, and be available for questions, answers, suggestions, and comments.

Following the tips for marketing your nursing home outlined in the article above is a sure way to improve your business. Of course, these days it’s much more cost-effective to hire an expert marketing agency, so feel free to schedule a website analysis with Monument SEO & Design, or call +17864423622.

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