5 Social Media Tips For Rehabilitation Centers

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Grow you rehabilitation center business with these 5 social media tips rehabilitation centers TODAY!

Nowadays social media platforms became an inseparable part of every successful business. Find out in this blog how can you use them to achieve your business aspirations and get a desirable audience.

We were writing in our previous blogs about the significance of social media for business growth and clientele expansion. Now, we will reveal a few useful tricks up from our sleeve, that will help you to maximize your social media presence and experience.

We present you 5 social media tips for rehabilitation centers, that will do the trick

Check out these great social media tips for rehabilitation centers to get ideas for how to create your brand identity, gain a preferred audience, establish trust and confidence in the community, and ideas on what to post on your profiles!

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1. Share valuable content

When you first start using social media for your rehabilitation center, you might not know what to post. It isn’t easy as it seems at the beginning. Blank Instagram or Facebook page can be pretty “scary” if you don’t have a plan, marketing strategy, or a good and experienced guide through the digital world, like we at the Monument SEO & Design are.

And while many businesses seek success by posting photos and videos of customers, merchandise, and events, that isn’t a preferable option for rehab centers.

But, if you were diligent and already created a content marketing strategy, this is an easy fix. Sharing links to your latest blog posts and articles, published on your website, will not only keep your social media accounts up-to-date but also will drive traffic directly to your site, and that is exactly what you need! And as your posts generate likes, comments, and shares, the number of people who see your content will increase. Remember, you can not post anything, content has to be informative, has to give an insight into what your facility provides, and has to represent you in the best possible manner. So, invest in your blogs and share them on social media.

If you’re trying to figure out how often to post to your social media accounts, the answer varies by platform. On Twitter, in particular, it’s common practice to re-share content several times over the course of a few weeks or months. This means that instead of disappearing into your blog’s archive after a day or two, your posts will continue to reach potential clients and other followers. This is one of the most important social media tips for rehabilitation centers.

2. Post supportive messages

In addition to sharing your blogs and other site content of value, you can also use social media to provide support and inspiration. And although you may not know all of them personally, many of your followers will appreciate your effort and will respond positively.

Inspirational and encouraging quotes and photos perform very well on Facebook and Instagram and tend to generate more comments and shares than content directly related to the rehab centers themselves.

But this kind of content performs even better on a platform that tends to be overlooked by many marketers: Pinterest. Create a board that is solely dedicated to this kind of content, and follow and repin from other similar boards. Pinterest is a platform where this kind of content ranks extremely well. So, use that to your advantage.

3. Monitor closely your social accounts and never neglect them

One of the social media tips for rehabilitation centers you should follow without exception is responsiveness, presence, and constant engagement with your audience.

As you create and share content on social media, it’s absolutely essential to remember that these platforms are “two-way streets”. That means that they enable two-way communication. Unlike on your site, where visitors simply browse your content, social media lets them post their own comments, ask questions, or respond to what you said or presented.

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In most cases, this is a good thing. Social media allows you to engage with clients or potential clients and their loved ones and show them that your facility is trustworthy. However, it also gives users the opportunity to voice negative opinions. And although this is a rare occurrence, you need to be prepared to handle negative reviews and posts in a professional and timely manner. You need to “embrace” and address criticism in the same way you are handling praise – with respect and dignity! 

Determine who will be responsible for managing your rehab center’s social media presence, and discuss how you will handle any negative comments and critics. It is very important that your response is in tune with your overall communication manner. That is, usually, a job of a social media content manager and in his job description is also to monitor your profiles regularly. Monitoring your social media lets you address any complaints before they can grow into something worse.

In addition to handling public complaints, comments, and answers to questions, a social media manager can also respond to any private messages your center receives. It’s no longer uncommon for potential clients to research their options on social media, and if one of them decides to reach out on Instagram or another platform, you need to respond as quickly as possible. Responsive rate is highly important nowadays when everyone lacks time and patience.

4. Consider using paid ads – it’s worth it!

There is a saying among digital marketing specialists that organic reach is dead. That’s not entirely true, but to some extent, that is the case. So, paid ads are another proven good social media tip for rehabilitation centers.

Although Facebook can be an effective platform for reaching and engaging with potential clients, the truth is that the organic reach of posts continues to decline. This means that even if you have thousands of followers, it’s entirely possible that only a few hundred actually see the content you share.

One of the best ways to ensure that your social media content reaches users is with paid advertising. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest—among others—all offer options for “boosting” posts. This allows you to reach potential clients who may not have heard of you otherwise—but the real advantage of social media advertising is the advanced targeting it offers.

When you create ads on any social platform, you can choose exactly who you want to see them. You can reach people based on standard criteria like age, gender, and location, but also on more advanced information like interests and the pages they like or follow.

Plus, when you create your ads, you can determine exactly what you want to accomplish. You can design them to attract new followers, generate attention for specific content, drive traffic to your site, and other objectives. When combined with a well-maintained profile, these ads can be extremely effective marketing for your center.

5. Pay attention to the language and vocabulary you use in your posts

Speak in a common language – one familiar to all (even if you are a doctor or a therapist) so people could understand you and don’t find themselves “scared” of non-comprehensive content and “big” words. Try your best to explain things in the easiest possible way, so people could understand and process information correctly. This way you will avoid confusion or audience frustration for not understanding professional medical terms or phrases. Posts that are not “clean”, or not transparent and understandable are the ones people avoid and disengage from very quickly.

We gave you 5 social media tips for rehabilitation centers, that if you decide to follow will lift significantly your brand awareness, improve your visual identity and connect you to people interested in what you are marketing.

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