7 Ways To Improve Your Funeral Home Marketing

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Find out how you can significantly improve your business, increase your revenue, brand awareness and attract new clients by levering marketing for funeral homes tips outlined in this article.

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Marketing for funeral homes can be a delicate matter, and before you launch it – you should carefully utilize your marketing strategy in a way that it performs to your benefit but at the same time be delicate and non-intrusive. In simple words – you need to sell a service to people that are in grief and probably going through very hard times. So, what you need is patience, compassion, and well-utilized marketing for funeral home strategy. That requires a detail-oriented strategy with the main goal to show your expertise and diligence in the services you provide. Of course, you mustn’t forget to be warm and open, compassionate, and on disposal to your clients and that is not optional – that must be included in every segment of your marketing for funeral homes strategy, due to the nature of your business.

So, we are here to present you with some very efficient tools that can help you improve marketing for your funeral home, leverage your business, and build strong brand awareness.

So, what can contribute considerately? We are bringing you 7 great ideas for marketing for funeral homes strategy that will really make a difference!

Use your website to its full capacity

Marketing for funeral homes, as well as marketing for any other business, needs to have a base. And that base is your website.

Website is your main marketing tool and its ground base. That means that it needs to be well designed and properly optimized.  Every other marketing channel is an upgrade – the website is a foundation.

Use your website to present meaningful blog content and publish it regularly. Make sure that your content is informative and valuable and that provides relevant and helpful information to potential clients. Blogs are also excellent content to place on social media channels – they induce high engagement and increase the community’s overall insight about your facility as well as their trust.

Post regularly new video and photo content – that will mean a lot to people who are searching for funeral home services online. That way they will have written and visual information, all in one place, and it will make their decision much easier.

Appear on Google Maps

Business as any other, it is essential that your funeral home appears on Google Maps with directions, contact details, and opening hours. The exact provided data will help you attract customers and sell more funeral services.

The first thing you need to do is to register your business with Google by creating a Google My Business account. It’s very easy and totally free. Enter your business name and fill in the information about opening hours, and location on the map, and don’t forget to add your website. Finally, Google will ask you to verify that you are the owner of the funeral home. It is best to select the call or text message option.

Remember that users can leave comments with their experience of their visit to your funeral home and even rate it on a scale of one to five. That’s called Google ranking and it’s important that you rank well there. These messages are one of the best references for undecided customers. Check messages you receive on a regular basis. You can be grateful for positive comments and don’t forget to always apologize very politely for a bad review. Everyone will see that you care about your customers and strive to improve. It’s not terrible to make a mistake, but it is ignoring that mistake and not correcting it.

E-mail marketing

One of the most effective marketing for funeral home alternatives that want to communicate with their customers is to send emails. Using tools such as Mailchimp, which we will explain below, you can create a mailing list for one-off mailings or a weekly newsletter. In addition, this platform incorporates forms and tools to help you be extremely respectful of data protection laws.

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps you share email and advertising campaigns with customers. It is free for sending six emails a month to less than 2,000 people. It offers the possibility to create a distribution list and you can even divide it according to the type of customers. It has a wide variety of ready-made templates and, through its form system, it is very easy to comply with data protection laws for customers who wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Digital tools that can help lift up marketing for funeral homes


It is an essential tool for creating a website or blog. You can learn to use it by yourself, or you can hire marketing experts from Monument SEO & Design to design your website experience on a professional level. WordPress is also an excellent content manager and allows you to manage aspects such as the appearance or content of a website without the need to know anything about programming. In addition, it allows the installation of plugins to incorporate online reservations, payment through the web, and customer service chat.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful training tool and one that will provide you with all important data about your marketing efforts. Used to measure how well your funeral home marketing is performing. It is a web analytics tool from Google that shows what traffic is coming to your website by audience type. It also offers many useful functions for the business, such as the incorporation of algorithms to create metrics that help us predict the quality of traffic or the measurement of the impact of our campaigns on different channels.

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This is a free website with simplified graphic design tools. It allows you to create post, logo designs, animations, and publications for social networks, and the best part is that you can use it without any previous knowledge of graphic design. It has a multitude of templates to help you start from scratch and a large bank of free images. It’s pretty easy to operate with and the majority of templates, pictures, and visual effects are free of charge. Canva can help you create your visual identity on social media channels and your website as well.

Google Search Console

Nobody wants to be on the second page of Google. Right? That’s where Google Search Console steps in. This is a very useful tool you need to get for your website to appear among the first search results on Google. It is a free service that helps you to monitor, maintain and solve your website’s SEO and indexing problems.

If you are too busy to handle marketing activities, along with your daily business engagements, you can always contact an established digital marketing agency like Monument SEO & Design, and leave everything in the hands of experts. Feel free to contact us today or call us at +17864423622 and get a free personalized assessment.

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