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How can you reach more patients with digital marketing for nursing homes?
What digital marketing strategies for nursing homes are there?

We are here to answer all of your questions and help you improve your nursing home’s reputation!

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Benefits of digital marketing for nursing homes

Digital marketing can change the way nursing homes reach prospective patients for good. Long gone are the days when nursing homes relied on non-digital campaigns and word-of-mouth promotions. Now, digital marketing allows you to advertise your nursing home for a fraction of the price of non-traditional marketing campaigns.

By using digital marketing strategies for nursing homes we offer, you can showcase your nursing home and improve brand visibility today!

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Attract more targeted website traffic
  • Flexible advertising
  • Improve Return On Investment (ROI)

Brand awareness

Our digital marketing plans increase your nursing home’s exposure and let prospective clients find out what you are all about. Your nursing home will be the talk of the town!

Targeted advertising for more website traffic

With traditional advertising, you can only hope to reach the target demographic interested in nursing homes. With digital marketing for nursing homes, you can control who sees your ads. This means that every coin you invest into your digital marketing campaign goes directly toward increasing your reach, engagement, and conversion rates.

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Flexible advertising

Advertising your nursing home on the internet allows you to experiment and assess different marketing strategies for nursing homes. Our detailed, user-friendly reports help you track and evaluate the success of your ads and offers. You can make your next marketing move by optimizing your ads based on their reach, conversion rates, and other important metrics.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Our digital marketing strategies for nursing homes bring in observable results and a hefty return on investment (ROI).

With our SEO strategy for nursing homes, you will be able to get a sizeable ROI anywhere from 3 to 6 months after investing.

With our PPC strategy for nursing homes, the waiting time is even shorter – it takes only 2 months to get your first return on investment (ROI).

Of course, the range of digital marketing strategies we offer doesn’t stop there. Monument SEO & Design offers nursing homes a range of digital marketing services for nursing homes, among which:

Search engine optimization (SEO) for nursing homes

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your nursing home to reach people interested in your services by placing your website at the top of the search engine results listing nursing homes.

Around 80% of users looking for a nursing home inform themselves about the location, reputation, price, and range of services nursing homes have on offer through a Google search. It is essential that your website uses target keywords potential clients use to find a reputable nursing home.

SEO for nursing homes allows you to optimize your website content so as to include a variety of target keywords for promoting nursing homes. Therefore, your landing page, blog posts, promotions, and copy should implement SEO in order to improve your nursing home’s online ranking for target keywords. SEO for nursing homes may emphasize the location of your nursing home to generate more website traffic and higher conversion rates.


PPC for nursing homes

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another digital marketing strategy that is extremely beneficial for nursing homes. If you choose to invest in PPC to promote your nursing home, your ad will show up in SERP before other similar websites. 

How does PPC for nursing homes work?

Rather than paying a fixed price to advertise your nursing home, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. 

This makes PPC for nursing homes a cost-effective digital marketing service as it delivers a high ROI through generating leads for your nursing home business. For more information about PPC, click here.

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Social media for nursing homes

Social media marketing for nursing homes is another service that can help expand the reach of your nursing home marketing strategy.

The main benefit of using social media lies in the opportunity to develop your nursing home’s online presence in an engaging and informative way. Namely, social media allow you to connect with families, prospective patients, and the local community.

Social media marketing experts note that original content brings in a high ROI to nursing homes since it generates interest in an organic and memorable way.

If you are interested to try out this digital marketing strategy, you can find out more about it here.

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Email Marketing for Nursing Homes

Email marketing is another marketing service you can use to promote your nursing home. Nursing homes can make use of email marketing to communicate with families and keep them posted about new services, promotions, events, news, and other important information related to how the nursing home improves the lives of its residents.

Content Marketing for Nursing Homes

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is extremely beneficial for nursing homes. It is instrumental when it comes to increasing website traffic and generating leads as people visit your website in search for valuable or interesting information about nursing homes.

With the help of our content creators, you are able to engage the audiences by creating exciting and informative blog posts, online articles, videos, infographics, and yearly overviews… Just like email marketing, content marketing is primarily used to reach out to nursing home users, families, and the local community. What’s more, communication with your audience allows you to improve your own brand appeal and generate more leads down the line.

Another benefit of improving your content marketing is the fact it costs as much as 60% less than traditional marketing services. Reaching patients is a whole lot easier when you have something to reach them with – that is where our content marketing experts take the lead. Soon after investing in content marketing for nursing homes, your business will improve its brand awareness and ROI.

Web design and development

The importance of sleek and attractive web design for nursing homes cannot be emphasized enough. Your nursing home website is a potential goldmine because it can help present your nursing home to prospective patients and families as a professional and unique institution. A successful website development practice for nursing homes is to showcase and describe the rooms, staff, and amenities via photo and video.

Importantly, in order to have the best nursing home website, you should implement SEO strategies alongside attractive web design features for nursing homes. SEO websites for nursing homes that include appealing web design are an invaluable tool for generating leads and improving conversion rates.

Good web design for nursing homes should be informative and easy to navigate. The website needs to present the information about pricing, services, and conditions you offer to prospective patients using streamlined and appealing visuals. Your web pages should also be mobile-friendly since people predominantly search for nursing homes using their smartphones.

Monument SEO & Design team of experts can help you design and develop your nursing home by combining SEO with appealing, mobile-friendly web design and development strategies.

Why Monument SEO & Design?

Our full-service digital marketing agency offers a wide range of marketing strategies for nursing homes. With our help and expertise, you can improve the reach, online presence, and reputation of your nursing home. We prioritize our clients’ needs and vision to deliver outstanding and trackable results that will advance your nursing home in no time.

The services we offer to your nursing homes include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Branding
  • And More

Another advantage of collaborating with just one digital marketing company lies in the possibility to get advice, feedback, and necessary improvements that cover all digital marketing services you decide to use to advertise your nursing home. Monument SEO & Design will assign an expert team dedicated to your project, making it easier to coordinate, update, and manage your marketing strategy.
We provide all the digital marketing services you need in one place
Subscribing to a range of digital marketing services is more cost-effective as you can get an all-encompassing, custom-made marketing strategy designed to meet your needs and goals. A marketing strategy that includes different aspects of digital marketing for nursing homes also ensures a more streamlined experience for your clients and patients.

A unique plan tailored to the needs of your business

First, we pinpoint the best course of action for advertising your nursing home based on the characteristics of your business and your unique preferences. Then we proceed to accomplish your business goals through our high-quality digital marketing plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences!

Communication is key

At Monument SEO & Design, we treat our clients as partners. We firmly believe that setting your nursing home up for success in the world of digital marketing revolves around effective communication.

That is why we assign an account manager as a point of contact for every nursing home project.

You will be able to get solutions to any questions or concerns you might have around the clock because it is in your and our best interest that all needs, issues, and suggestions of our clients get expert attention.


Transparency is the best policy. From estimating the price to setting realistic goals, Monument SEO & Design keeps it real as there will be no hidden or undisclosed fees that might put you off guard.

You will know right from the outset exactly how much time, effort, and funding we need to accomplish each objective.

You can also rely on our team to deliver you timely and accurate achievement reports every step of the way.


Actions speak louder than words and with an outstanding client retention rate of more than 90%, it makes us proud that we are able to improve the digital marketing campaigns of so many businesses. What’s more, we value customer satisfaction above all – none of the clients have quit due to being dissatisfied with our output yet. 

For more on digital and internet marketing for nursing homes, click here.

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