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If you are taking your business growth seriously, this blog about the digital marketing trends for 2023 is a must-read for you.

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Changes are so frequent that almost every day something new becomes current, important, and necessary for keeping the head above the water in the global online race. If you want to work seriously and maintain the highest level of professionalism, you have to follow digital marketing trends and adapt your marketing strategy according to them.

The trends in digital marketing in 2023 are basically based on the previous year, however, with many modifications, upgrades, and adjustments. If something is new, of course, it does not mean that it will last for a long time, create a revolution and redefine the concept of digital marketing, but nothing should be ignored because we never know which trend will last shortly and soon be forgotten, and which one will create a revolution and bring numerous new opportunities for business.

digital marketing expert
Digital marketing can make or break your company. In 2023 you need to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s highly important to keep up with trends but not follow them blindly and derail from your business and brand values and identity. Only when you are loyal to your values and consistent in your digital marketing strategy you can really benefit from new digital tools and use them as an advantage.

So, let’s see what has changed…

The year 2020 was a global miracle when it comes to digital technologies overall. Negative and specific in many respects, which is all the result of the Covid-19 pandemic and global restrictions on movement. Such a situation, which continued in 2021 and 2022 (just in a little less restrictive way), caught most businesses and brands unprepared and in a panic about how will they operate and maintain their production/services. At the same time, that horrible year had one advantage – it contributed to the “overnight” transfer to the digital market of many niches and businesses that were looking for salvation from bankruptcy and complete shutdown. So, we have to say that digital marketing really has saved the day (market, economy, Planet, our sanity, and much more…)

During the pre-covid period of time, the incredible power of monitoring trends in digital marketing was already demonstrated, and those who were willing to look ahead and those who recognized in time the potential of web shops, online deliveries, online orders, online tours, bookings… and created platforms to perform in such way before the pandemic could continue business without any major problems and with minimal losses or no losses at all.

The pandemic brought us overnight digitalization but also has brought clients/customers greater caution, lack of trust, and reluctance in making decisions regarding market products and services, Mass fear and panic took their toll, so consumers became more cautious and wiser, and less trustful.

Therefore, one of the primary trends in digital marketing in 2023 will be predicting consumer and customer behavior and creating marketing strategies that will have as a primary goal building trust, transparency, and open and honest communication and exchange of information.

In this blog, we will present to you the most significant digital trends that will be current in 2023, but also ones that we think will last further in the future, so it would be wise to implement them in your marketing strategy.

Don’t forget to stick to the basics of digital marketing, regardless of trends, and to carefully adapt everything new you use to your niche and overall marketing strategy.

Trend No 1: Artificial intelligence is at our Doorstep

The term artificial intelligence is still primarily associated with the film industry and the sci-fi genre, where robots act like humans or are used for various purposes. The previous year showed that such cinematic fiction is not far from reality and that AI will be the number 1 trend when it comes to the near and distant future of digital marketing.

ai robot
AI is used more and more in all aspects of work, including digital marketing.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are already using certain robotic technologies to improve the experience for their users. Google uses various software based on robotic technology to better recognize and classify data and information and thus offer users the best of the best.

Artificial intelligence is a broad term and is still widely available only to more developed countries and large corporations and industries, but with a very fast-growing trend.

Why is artificial intelligence so important?

AI can gather information efficiently and quickly, perform all kinds of analytical research, recognize internet search patterns, collect and analyze data from social networks, and thus save time and money. Many consider AI a prime area to invest in and predict that in developed countries, as well as in those aware of the power of this technology, it could increase GDP by as much as 14% by 2030.

This is very important for individuals and large corporations that are still suspicious of AI, because if they don’t move in time and understand the importance of artificial intelligence – they could find themselves in a big technological lag.

A good example of the current use of AI is chatbots, which were initially too generic, but over time have become a necessary ally of every website that keeps up with the times. Famous Mastercard has created a chatbot for the Messenger app, which uses robotic software to recognize the language and meaning of queries and then respond like a real person. In all likelihood, AI will be the main driver of all services in the future, and for now, it has been successfully implemented:

-during basic online communication between buyer and seller (automated responses)

-when recommending a product (e.g. when you look at one product, similar ones are automatically recommended to you or -something that would be useful to you and is from a similar niche)

-for personalizing the email service

-during e-commerce transactions

Trend No 2: Interactive Content has Taken the Throne

Because of everything we experienced privately and professionally in the previous year and because of the global need to save jobs and companies, it was necessary to find a quick and easy way to compensate for the lack of face-to-face communication and in-store sales. Thus, live streams, i.e. live broadcasts and any form of video content in general, experienced an expansion.

To be precise, video content has run over the static content on the Internet.

The live stream was used for personal communication with family and friends, for entertainment and various forms of education (including public schooling and education), for sightseeing, fitness training and cultural events. All together led to the fact that live views on the Facebook platform increased by 50%, on Instagram by 70%, while the youngest social platform TikTok was further popularized. This trend has been used by many influencers from different niches, and with direct video presentations, they have increased both their income and the companies they represent.

tiktok on smartphone
TikTok is taking over as the most popular social media platform, and in 2023 you need to be on there.

This fusion has proven to be very powerful and profitable, and by all accounts, this growth will continue into 2023.

Live video is especially popular with many businesses who use it for interviews, product demonstrations, and behind-the-scenes brand insights, such as life and work in the office, how products are made, service providing, company events, etc.

The content created in this way also has an entertaining dimension, and that is why it is important not to turn into banality and thus lose users who are not attracted to it.

Given that the pandemic is still ongoing and that, even in previous years, video content was announced as growing rapidly in digital marketing, and the pandemic confirmed its power – it would not be bad to focus on some form of video communication with customers.

We can conclude that video content of any kind has experienced a huge expansion and that its influence is far stronger than other forms of content online. And that growth will continue, according to experts.

In this first part of the blog, we explained in depth the significance of digital marketing trends and why is each and every one of them important. In our next blog, we will continue this row and reveal to you what else would be a “must” in digital marketing in 2023 and what can be a game changer for your market presence, client engagement, and overall business success. So, stay with us and we’re coming back soon with some more pieces of useful intel.

Welcome back to digital marketing trends for 2023! Reed and learn, you will really need this if you are planning to stay in the market race in the long run.

As we mentioned, we wrote in our previous blog about current trends in digital marketing and those most important that can significantly impact your business performance. In this second part, we are just continuing the row and bringing you more digital marketing trends for 2023 that will have a direct and the most powerful impact on business operations, sale, clients engagement, brand awareness and performance. 

Trend No 3: Video Marketing Rules

If you read any digital marketing text from 2019 that predicts the near future and trends in this industry, in each one you will find written in bold letters and highlighted – video marketing. That all this is not without reason is evidenced by the incredible statistics from 2020 which say the following

70% of consumers have shared a video of a brand they love on social media:

-72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate

-52% of consumers say that watching videos makes them feel more confident and helps them make online purchase decisions

-65% of users visit the merchant’s website after watching the video content, and 39% call the supplier immediately after watching the video;

There are several reasons why video content is so popular. First of all, it engages all the senses, and provided that all the elements of the video are skillfully edited and that the script and performance are integrated and up to the task (colors, messages, music, quality camera) – the viewer will be delighted.

It’s fun and practical at the same time. You can watch videos anywhere and anytime, with or without sound. There are also increasingly popular podcasts, webinars, and the aforementioned live streams.

There are many ways to drive more engagement with your video marketing. You can make a video post or start a live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and, of course, on the unassailable YouTube.

You can use a 1:1 form of video, which means businesses or marketers create personalized video messages instead of making phone calls or sending emails. With film, and equipment costs dropping and smartphone cameras getting better, creating video content is easier than ever.

Then, 360-degree video content. This trend towards a more interactive experience is on the rise; just look for the circular symbol in the upper left corner to start sliding the moving picture left or right as it plays. It is very fun and provides a unique experience.

If you have uploaded a video to the site, you can also transcribe it, or create a written version/article. Such moves also contribute to better rankings.

You can insert a photo of the video into an email or newsletter and thus intrigue the recipients.

Google already ranks sites that contain videos better. If your website includes a video, it’s 50 times more likely to attract organic search results than if it doesn’t. When it comes to sales, they show a new dimension of the product, put it in motion or in the context of a certain alternative culture.

Trend No 4: Chatbots are the Future, and the Future is Here.

Robotic chatbots based on the application of AI technology will be one of the most significant trends in digital marketing in 2022. They work by using automated messages/responses to communicate in real time, day and night, with customers or site visitors.

This type of automated communication is still being developed and attention is primarily paid to personalization, i.e. imitating the human response as best as possible.

The main advantages of chatbots are 24-hour service, immediate responses to inquiries, and answers to simple questions. Many customers prefer to interact with chatbots because they are available 24/7, give accurate answers immediately, recall your entire purchase history without problems and they are never in a bad mood, and never lose patience. For obvious reasons – they are online robots.

These virtual assistants offer outstanding customer service by meeting customer expectations and automating repetitive tasks – meaning you can focus on doing some other business obligations and tasks.

Many global brands are already using chatbot technology and the number of chatbot technology users among entrepreneurs is constantly increasing.

Brands that use chatbot technology successfully include Whole Foods Market, Fandango, Sephora, Staples, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.

There is no doubt that chatbots, as well as the automation of various forms of communication in general, will play a primary role in customer-brand communication in the future. It simplifies the process and builds a new one where there are no more waiting, wrong answers, or a nervous employee who had a bad day.

Trend No 5: Voice and Visual Search are Becoming Primary

This “hands-free” way of giving queries to search engines is both fun and necessary, especially for people who, for some health reason, cannot do it the traditional way. The bright future will certainly be on the side of sites that will support voice and visual search, and Google will not stay immune either.

Statistics say that as of 2017, 50% of all searches are voice-activated, with visual search following.

Instead of endless browsing, users have switched to a more user-friendly approach. They search using phrases or by uploading a picture of the product they want to buy. According to the MTA, the primary reason for the change lies in the fact that such a search provides a more engaging and personalized experience for users. Voice assistants that also work with AI and visual search enable a better shopping or service experience.

amazon alexa
Voice search is present in most houses these days, and businesses need to be aware.

It’s easier to find more information about the product before the final purchase, or about travel agencies, restaurants, and hotels….Voice search also allows people to multitask from home, and we know how great it is when something makes our multitasking easier.

Alexa is already known to everyone, and so is Siri, and in 2020, the percentage of use of voice commands is expected to increase. In addition, it is quite certain that in 2022 we will be able to better search any form of visual content.

There are already tools like Google Lens that allow consumers to search for everything they see. This also means that Google will surely rank better the sites with better visual elements, i.e. original photos, expertly optimized for SEO.

At the same time, it will contribute to higher conversion and profitability of the site. Some even predict that sites that support visual and voice searches could increase digital sales revenue by as much as 30%.

Trend No 6: Clear, Informative, and Easy Consuming Content

This means that you carefully create content that does not tire the eyes or the mind, but intrigues and attracts. If it is a question of written content, it is clearly and concisely divided into subheadings, so that it is readable and understandable. No one has the will or desire to waste time with boring texts, especially if they are written in a labored style and with an interface that looks unprofessional.

The podcast format has become very popular because it is mostly created in a relaxed home atmosphere so that no matter what topic they cover, everything together sounds and looks accessible and charming. This further means that you optimize each form of content as best as possible.

Don’t sound and look like an amateur, speak and write the usual tropes and what more or less everyone does. Creativity is still at a premium.

A high-quality, not generically written newsletter, where you always give users additional value in a friendly tone and clearly say that you care about their opinion will help a lot in connecting the brand with potential clients.

There’s a lot more to be said about digital marketing trends for 2023, but we decided to present you with the most relevant ones that can really make a difference in your marketing strategy and impact positively the way you run your business. In this blog we mentioned only the newest trends and state-of-the-art technologies related to digital marketing, there’s a lot to create and implement to get this far. So, if you were paying attention and comprehended the magnitude of digital marketing and the benefits that provide, you can consider outsourcing and hiring a highly experienced digital marketing team like Monument SEO & Design for a full digital marketing service, including web development, web design, internet marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and much more. Contact us at +17864423622 and get a FREE analysis and expert advice TODAY!

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