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Learn everything you need to know about Email Marketing for Rehabilitation Centers in this article.

Although we can characterize it as an “old” format of marketing performance, it really still has a lot to offer and can contribute significantly to building a client base for your rehabilitation center. Find out all about email marketing  in our blog.

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Email marketing is an old digital marketing format but not obsolete.

One of the oldest forms of digital marketing is e-mail marketing. At the same time, it is less expensive than the other forms of digital marketing, and the most personal, above all that, it also provides the greatest success. Although it seems to many that the era of e-mail marketing has passed, that is a mistake. As with many things in digital marketing, the approach and being up to date with new trends in email marketing are important things. Creative, clear, informative, transparent, and accessible solutions, which will primarily not be “violent” to the user’s inbox are approaches you should embrace when it comes to email marketing for rehabilitation centers. So it’s highly important that you don’t harass your potential clients every day, and that you write to them when you have some actual news to share or an important offer to present because otherwise, at some point they will get bored and they will block you.

According to research conducted in the United States, for every dollar invested in e-mail marketing, 42 dollars is returned to each address, which when it comes to ROI is 4200%. Well-designed and effective email marketing will help you perhaps more than any other channel, but you will have to know what you’re doing.

We can’t emphasize enough that it is necessary to carefully analyze the market and create an adequate strategy before launching an email campaign because you need to know to whom you are writing.

Be personal in your emails and don’t allow your email to be generic. The audience will reject them. This means that you segment your email list based on certain specifications, then personalize the email content. Let each sender know, addressing him by name, that he is not just another customer for you, but that you care about his opinion and his potential needs.

Maintain regular contact with your current and potential clients and patients

In the healthcare industry, that applies to rehabilitation centers as well, maintaining contact with clientele is crucial for long-term trust and brand awareness.  A large number of people who are not involved in internet marketing think that email marketing is somewhat outdated and outdated, while in practice a large number of successful businesses are based on email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools for developing customer relationships, which is why it’s important to include email marketing for rehabilitation centers in your overall online marketing strategy.

How does email marketing work?

The essence of email marketing is mailing lists made up of legally obtained email addresses. Legally obtained email addresses are all those addresses that users voluntarily left for you in various ways and thereby gave their consent to receive emails and newsletters from you informing them about all news in your business, promotions, and discounts. In this way, you maintain a relationship with your potential clients, and when they are ready to spend their money, they will come to your site first. Hope you realize why email marketing for rehabilitation centers plays a significant role in engaging people and winning their trust, all that with the goal to convert them to your clients when they are ready. Email marketing for rehabilitation centers is subtle and noninvasive but at the same time, it performs perfectly in a long run. 

Creating a newsletter involves creating clear, informative, and engaging content, an attractive design and adapting it for the most popular mail clients in use – Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail so that it opens in all programs as it was intended.

After sending, you will receive detailed statistics, i.e. a cross-section of the results of the newsletter, exactly according to the recipient’s email addresses – who opened the newsletter and at what time, whether it was forwarded to someone, whether it was opened more than once, etc. Well-designed and utilized email marketing campaigns and strategies can help you significantly in expanding your client base and improving your business.

What are the benefits of email marketing for rehabilitation centers?

-If we focus on the use of mobile phones, email marketing represents a personal channel of communication. Your customers check their mail every day, on their personal devices, which they carry with them always and everywhere, so they will be up to date with every new info you provide.

email on laptop
Having the right email marketing strategy can grow your business significantly.

-Email marketing, unlike social networks and search engines, does not depend on the platform, so you have full control over the content and over the list of users who receive that content. In other words: email marketing does not depend on rules and policies determined by someone else, which is not the case with advertising on Google, Facebook, or Instagram where advertising rules are defined in advance. That means that you can create content and present yourself without any restrictions.

-Email marketing is cheaper than all other digital marketing channels, and that way you are saving money for some more important or urgent investments in your rehabilitation center.

-Email marketing directs people to your site, which increases the number of visits to the site and the overall rating of the site. That is a great opportunity for people to get to know your facility, your staff, and your expertise in a particular field of rehabilitation, and to see how you operate in general.

-Email marketing has a positive effect on brand recognition and credibility and those are two very important factors in your industry branch.

-Email marketing allows you to segment the user base and therefore target users, so you won’t waste time on people who are not interested in your services.

-The results of email marketing are measurable. That means that you can analyze every email campaign and correct mistakes from previous ones.

Which businesses benefit the most from email marketing?

In short: Everyone. Especially those businesses that need to gain people’s trust and prove their expertise in a particular field. If you implement loyalty programs, regularly have discounts, promotions, and other sales promotion activities, if you want to nurture a personal relationship with your clients and customers and if you want to form a permanent base of customers and clients who return to you, e-mail marketing is the solution for your rehabilitation center.

We are here to help you form a base of potential clients and maintain regular contact with them through the right content.

Effective email marketing will help your business by:

-Build relationships with clients

-convert contacts into customers

-increase conversion

-expand the audience, i.e. the brand’s field of influence

-allow you to create lists and segment audiences based on which you will target different demographics, through customized and personalized messages

-Engage and animate regular and potential customers

-Conduct various tests to improve metrics

-Set up email automation

Email marketing for rehabilitation centers has more than enough benefits for you to give it a try. If you agree, we recommend outsourcing and hiring an expert as Monument SEO & Design for a full digital marketing service, including email marketing. SEO, PPC, web design, social media marketing, and much more. Contact us today at +1786-442-3622 and get a FREE personalized assessment from our experts.

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