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An all encompassing article about How to Market your Funeral Home Online.

If you run a funeral home and don’t know which channels to reach your clients and develop your business, then this is a blog you must read.

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It’s always good to ask for help from marketing experts.

How to market your funeral home online is not an easy question to answer. Running a funeral home or selling sneakers. teaching fitness classes or running a restaurant – aren’t the same thing, as far as marketing’s concerned. This type of business requires a specific marketing approach and it is not uncommon for funeral company owners and managers to often find themselves at a loss as to how to present their services, reach new clients and build brand awareness.

But, there’s no room for panic. Running a funeral home does not mean that you have to know the details and marketing specifics related to it. In the article before you, we bring you answers to the questions of how to market your funeral home online, which can help you catch up with the market, expand your client base, and generally understand the importance of online advertising for a business like yours.

What’s more, if you realize that some of the marketing services you need are beyond your knowledge of digital marketing, you can turn to experts in the field, such as Monument SEO & Design, who offer a full digital marketing service.

In this blog, we will try not to burden you with difficult terminology and in-depth marketing strategies, instead – we will try to point out the most important points of marketing, which can significantly affect the improvement and development of your web business.

Well, let’s get started. Shell we?

Build a user-friendly, informative, and useful website

Your website is your ID card. It’s the ground base of your entire business. That is why it should look clear, easy to navigate, modern, and be adapted for mobile devices. It is imperative that your website provides helpful information to your visitor.  That means that your section “services” must be visible on the front page, as well as the pricing section. People will appreciate transparency in that matter. It is also important that your contact information is in a visible place on the website. Also, try to fill your gallery section with pictures and video materials of your funeral home. That way you will save potential clients time because everything they need to see they will be able to see online and they won’t need to come in person. 

Branding is important and requires consistency

We talked about how to brand your funeral home in one of our previous blogs.

Branding is highly important for all businesses, and funeral homes are no exception.

Your website, business cards, logo, brand colors, social media pages, etc. are all part of your brand identity. But, the brand is much more than that, you must never forget that. A brand represents your ideas, your values, and your dedication to your business, clients, and community. The brand is your mirror in the eyes of the public. So, when thinking about how to market your funeral home online, you should include branding from the very start. It will pay off, we guarantee you.

It takes time to build a brand and create a brand identity and brand awareness. So, you need to be patient and consistent and put a lot of effort into creating your public image. The more consistent you are across multiple marketing channels, the stronger your brand identity becomes. always use one established narrative and communication tone with your audience and clients and build a recognizable picture of your brand through brand colors, letter fonts, business manners, repetitive actions, and so on.

Utilize email marketing

Email marketing is an old and proven marketing strategy that can be very helpful in attracting new clients. When setting targeting goals, target homes with a resident age range of 55+, and with consistent and informative emails try to increase your brand identity and inform people about the services and benefits you provide for them.

email marketing
E-mail marketing was and will be a staple in digital marketing.

Like in branding, you need to be consistent, always provide fresh and informative content, and never forget to include your contact information in your emails, so people would have easy access to it when they find themselves in need of them.

Make an emotional connection with your audience

You may think that in marketing all is about numbers, but that’s not correct. In marketing, and in sales in general – everything is about people. If you win over people, you don’t have to worry about your business.

Never sell your services, be delicate and sell the emotional benefits people get by buying your services. Use your marketing to explain how pre-planning saves time, and money, and eliminates stress in an already delicate and emotional situation. Use marketing tools to tell stories people can relate to. Those stories will remind people of you when they are in the need of your services. that’s a delicate sale strategy.  Testimonials of satisfied clients will also contribute to community engagement and trust.

Emphasize your unique values

Your marketing channels are the perfect tool to show people what differentiates you from your competitors. You may offer more affordable services, offer unique products, more spaces facility, parking lot for family members, more personalized options for memorial services, etc. also, your pre-planning services are maybe more affordable than your competitors. All mentioned can be a game changer for a prospective client, especially when it comes to pricing because one of the main concerns for a large number of people when it comes to funeral planning is cost. So, don’t be shy – there’s no room for that in business, highlight your greatest values and present your services in a manner they deserve to be presented. That’s a smart and at the same time delicate way to market your funeral home online.

Get to know your community and be there for them

You may think that in marketing and in business in general, everything is about numbers and algorithms, but that’s not true, Everything is about people, and if you win them over and gain their trust, you don’t have to worry about your business growth. It will happen spontaneously and organically. But, you need to get there first.  

Listen to the voice of your community, share your experiences and information with them, answer their questions, address their uncertainties, be transparent in everything you’re saying, doing and offering, and be at their disposal when they’re in need. By doing all that you are establishing a loyal community base and ensuring a prospective client base.

Knowing your community and being in close relations with them is the best way to market your funeral home.

Your Staff is a part of your brand – show them!

Your staff is part of your team and part of your brand identity. Show them and their skills and experience to your audience. People love to see what is “behind the curtains” – that way they are getting the sense that they are included in the process, that they are in control to some extent, and that gives them a piece of mind and a sense of security.  Always use real photos of your staff, because it’s important for your audience to see the human side of your business.

Focus on the content

Content is the ultimate king of your marketing. Valuable and unique information is pure treasure nowadays when we are flooded with misleading information, click bates, and people who are pulling our sleeves just to sell us something. That’s where your blog is stepping in.

Publish informative and valuable blog articles on regular basis. That will attract people interested in the subject, but it will also be helpful when it comes to Google ranking of your website, because all search engines, Google especially, appreciate authentic and high-quality content, and by blogging you will rank up and be more visible on Google. Blogs are really creative way to market your funeral home.  

Use the power of Social Media

Social media are the biggest, free online advertising channel, and not making use of such room for maneuvering is a pure waste for any business, funeral homes included. On social media, you can target the audience by preferences, show your advantages, present your skills in business, and share previous clients’ experiences in the shape of testimonials. All activities mentioned lead to gaining audience attention and ultimately trust, and those two are turning them into potential clients.

social media apps
Everyone uses social media these days, which means many potential customers are using it too.

In addition, paid ads are also an available tool on social media, and their advantage is that they can attract a large number of people interested in your services for a relatively small investment.  When it comes to questioning how to market your funeral home online – social media are an in-disposable tool for that purpose.

With all you have found out in this blog about how to market your funeral home online, you should consider outsourcing digital marketing efforts to a full-service digital marketing agency like Monument SEO & Design. SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, and more. Request a free marketing analysis or call us at +1786-442-3622.

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