How Your Content can Help you Rank Better on Google

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Find out about How your Content can Help you Rank Better on Google in this expertly written article.

Google ranking is one of the most important things when it comes to the visibility and promotion of your business. To put it simply – if you’re not visible on Google search, you’re at a great loss. Content plays a huge role in that, so we think that is time for you to find out how to use the content for a better Google ranking.

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There are many things you need to do right to rank better on Google and content is probably the most important factor.

Over the years Google became the main search engine and at the same time the main source of information for billions of people all over the globe. That fact alone should be telling you enough about the significance and reach Google has. So, if these first few sentences cleared up for you what Google ranking means and why is so important for your business, stay with us and find out how you can use content to improve your Google ranking and what benefits it will bring to your business.

Now that we know that Google ranking means significantly, we have prepared some useful tips for you can use content to improve the position, or rank, of your blog articles on the Google News search engine and your overall Google rank.

On-page SEO optimization of a website is an unavoidable factor in the IT world, but what is even more important to note is quality and professional on-page SEO optimization, and for this very reason we have taken some of the tips we have collected from the Google Developers website.

According to the digital marketing and Google experts, these are some of the best tips to follow for better Google ranking:

You may have heard the phrase “content is the king”. That’s true. And even if sometimes other digital activities seem more important to you, the content was, is, and will probably always be the rock of your overall digital appearance. So, let’s explore how content can be used as a tool that will rank you up on Google.

Do not interrupt the content of the article you are publishing

Try not to interrupt the content of the article you are publishing on your website.

Blogs and articles you are publishing are your valuable asset, and Google evaluates and categorizes your website according to that, among other things. So, make sure you publish regularly and that your blog post has value. That means that you have to publish articles filled with valuable information and unique content, which will satisfy the audience but also Google’s algorithm. A very important thing to know is that you shouldn’t interrupt your published content with sale banners, advertisements, and similar pop-ups. If you need to publish them within the article, you should place them in the sidebar or at the end of the article.

Placing the date between the article title and content

This is very helpful for Google in order to correctly and easily determine the age of the article, i.e. the time of publication. It is also very important for the user who reads the article to know how fresh, relevant and useful the information is. In the digital era, we live in, algorithms are changing almost on a daily basis, and Google is no exception. So, by dating your content, you are providing one of the valuable pieces of information we mentioned to your audience, as well as to Google. That will be one more helpful thing for Google to rank you better.

Writing better and SEO-optimized headlines

The title of the article is very important, so you should pay special attention here. The title of the article has a big impact on the SEO rank, so you need to use as many keywords as possible in the title. But, you need to be careful and maintain the meaning of the title and its connection with the article. You don’t want your headlines to sound robotic and in-comprehensive, because that will turn people off from even starting to read your blog.

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Provide real value to your readers and don’t be afraid to do so in detail.

You should also keep in mind that a good description of the article in the title will attract users who may find the information you offer useful and valuable. That way people will engage more with your content and that is one of the goals.

Extraction of original content

The original content of the article should be in the foreground. Satire, quotes, subscriptions to news, and all other notifications for users should be placed in the background, in relation to the main content.

It is also necessary that the unique content is at the very top of the article.

Unique content doesn’t have a price

We mentioned several times that things are changing rapidly in the digital world, but one thing that remains consistently important, and even becomes more important as time passes by is the valuable and unique content. Unique content, informative, filled with significant information, and educational by nature, is the best way for good placement and higher rank on the Google search engine. Unique, original content has by far the highest value and rating for most search engines, and Google is among them. 

Use a unique URL

This helps search engines a lot to determine that your page contains an article and is not a static HTML page. This is also the traditional way of publishing an article where publishers choose the URL address. By adapting the URL, you are helping your SEO and enlarging the chances for your article to be found a lot easier by those people looking for the information you provide.

Create a good news map of the website (sitemap)

 It is highly recommended that you use a sitemap, in this way crawlers can more easily index new pages, as well as all kinds of changes and additions to already published articles. In addition to the above advantages, it also contains metadata (eg keywords, date of publication) needed by the Google search engine to recognize not only the relevance of the article and its categorization but also other factors for positioning and rank without having to rely on the Google extractor.

We hope that we described well in this article the significance of the content for your Google rank, and bring you closer to ways you can exploit content for higher positioning on the Google search engine. Now it’s on you to take content seriously and put in motion this part of your digital marketing. If you need help with better positioning on Google, you should consider hiring an expert as Monument SEO & Design for a full digital marketing service, including SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, web development, and more. Contact us at +17864423622 and start your journey to the Google front page!

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