Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing Your Nursing Home

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Find out which Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing your Nursing Home in this article written by digital marketing experts.

Have you tried to market your nursing home online but didn’t get the results you expected? Are you sure you did everything right? Let’s find out!

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Let us tell you straight away – if you tried digital marketing, you made some mistakes along the way and that is common. So, let’s try to find out what not to do in the future.

Don’t be disappointed or worried, it’s completely normal that you’ve made a mistake in online marketing.

To be honest, in a sphere that is so prone to frequent changes and new trends, mistakes are quite common. You wouldn’t believe how many marketing experts make mistakes in their online marketing strategies every day.

But what is it that separates good online marketing from bad one?

Just one, but important thing:

Do you Learn From your Mistakes?

We are bringing you in this blog the 4 most common digital marketing for nursing homes mistakes that could cost you success and healthy business growth.

More and more companies, large and small, are recognizing the benefits of investing in digital marketing, nursing homes and care-providing facilities are no exception. If it seems to you that despite numerous education and opportunities to improve your nursing home marketing strategy, the campaign you are implementing is not producing the desired results, chances are high that you are making a mistake somewhere.

The steps you follow may vary. Have you determined your target group, chosen a good native advertising platform, or created a plan for social media advertising? We will look at some of the most common mistakes in digital marketing for nursing homes that negatively affect traffic and success in business. Read how to avoid them, so that your investment in online advertising pays off.

1. You haven’t defined your target audience

Knowing your clients is the foundation of any solid digital marketing strategy. Therefore, if you have not defined your market and the position of your company, and you do not know the people you are selling to – you have a low probability of success.

Don’t invest money without a plan and without understanding the target group. Instead, divide the market into several identifiable “customer types.” Define them demographically, and identify their expectations and possible objections to the product or service you offer. One way to get to know your clients is to engage more on social media, whether it’s in the form of comments or surveys.

2. You don’t Take SEO Seriously

Many companies ignore the importance of quality sites – one fast and responsive, as well as the optimization of content for search engines. But don’t be deceived and make that mistake, because SEO is a very important part of digital marketing for nursing homes strategy, Considering that over two billion articles are published on the Internet every day, it is more than clear that SEO is the only way to achieve visibility and attract organic traffic to a website.

However, what is important for SEO is that the set of valid and current rules is constantly changing. That’s why you need to stay abreast of these changes and consistently apply those SEO techniques that will help your content appear in search results and rank better.

Some of the elements that a good SEO strategy must include are the right keywords, quality and relevant content, link building, and photo title optimization.


Focus on keywords that your target audience uses. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines favor high-quality, relevant, and long articles on well-researched topics. Try to enrich each content with multimedia elements such as photos and videos.

Don’t forget that most of the traffic on the Internet today is through smartphones, so make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices.

3. Not Developing your Brand

First things first. That also applies to marketing for nursing homes. All marketing activities should come after your brand is already defined. By brand, we mean its, purpose, substance values, and core attribute. A brand is basically the sense your audience gets from your nursing home. It’s how you’re perceived by the audience and how people recognize you.

A brand is a person’s deep feelings about a product, service, or company. We can call it GUT FEELING because we’re all emotional, intuitive beings and our emotions and felling are evolved even in our rational decisions.

This “feeling” is what we call a brand preference metric: a cognitive judgment a resident makes regarding your brand. It measures to which extent purchasing decisions are made based on the attachment and loyalty to your brand rather than the price, convenience, or regardless of the alternatives.

Developing a purpose-driven nursing home brand can be your competitive edge over other providers. It will skyrocket the value of your nursing home and attract a stream of residents right at your doors.

If you’d like to know how you can build such a brand strategy, you can reach out and hire an experienced branding team, who will define and build a strong brand name and brand awareness.

4. Jumping into Social Media Without a Strategy

Social networks provide great opportunities to connect directly with your clients and customers, expand your audience and build relationships, which is especially important when it comes to marketing for nursing homes. However, if you don’t have a good social media management plan, you can’t expect positive results.

Two important factors for a social media posting strategy are consistency and good timing. Depending on the platform, there is a certain time of day to post a post so that it gets noticed and engages the target audience. But before you even start posting on social media, determine what your goals are and which platform is right for your target audience.

The fact is that not all social media platforms have exactly the same audience. Facebook users are different from lifestyle-oriented Instagram users or business-oriented LinkedIn users. Ask yourself which audience would respond better to your product or service. LinkedIn is e.g. great when you want to introduce yourself to other companies, while Facebook is great for selling directly to consumers. A useful fact is that generation Z uses Instagram, so if young people are your target group, then you should focus your campaign on this social platform.

It is always useful to study the competition as well – which social networks they use, who follows them, what content they share, and based on that, create more interesting posts. Make text, photos or videos that inspire, entertain or teach your priority. If your company’s budget allows, hire a social media manager. Experts in this field can certainly design and present creative social media posts and engage with followers.

Partnering with local medical experts, and general physicians acknowledge in the community of wider, whose reviews the audience trusts, can be useful for your nursing home brand credibility.

Another important step is to increase the number of followers on all platforms. Try to be consistent and constantly engaged – replying to comments, direct communication, and live videos are the kind of personalization people expect on social media today. Once you connect with your audience, you continue to develop a positive image of your brand as well as build a relationship of trust with your customers.

Now that you know what related to digital marketing for nursing homes doesn’t help your brand image and creates disadvantages instead of advantages, try to avoid the mistakes in question. The other option is to outsource and hire a digital marketing expert team such as Monument SEO & Design who will provide full digital marketing service based on your specific needs and expectations. Contact us TODAY at +17864423622 and start your business journey to the top.

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