Myths About Digital Marketing Agencies That Have a Negative Impact on Your Business

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In this article, we’ll talk about important Myths About Digital Marketing Agencies That Have a Negative Impact on Your Business, buckle up!

In this blog, we will try to dispel the most common myths surrounding digital marketing as a concept as well as digital marketing agencies.

Digital marketing has become a business imperative of the 21st century and that is undeniable. The whole reality has moved to the “online world” and it goes into “offline mode” more and more rarely. If we are not at the computer, then we are scrolling through Facebook in the transport reading news or Instagram in our free time, or when we are looking for some particular merchandise or service online. You may doubt the reach of digital marketing, but the fact is – we are online almost as long as we are awake, and therein lies the incredible potential of modern advertising. Any company, small medium, or large is losing a lot by not using the benefits digital marketing provides. And trust us when we say, there’s a whole bunch of them that can turn around your business 180 degrees. 

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Choosing the right digital marketing agency is more important than choosing whether to do digital marketing in the first place or not.

In our work so far, we encountered many questions related to this particular subject, so we decided to myth bust some prejudices, and invalid and harmful information and point out the main principles of digital marketing.

1. “I don’t need an agency or social media manager, I have an employee who manages my social media platforms just great”

Digital marketing has made quite a breakthrough in the domestic market, but there are still those who are distrustful of it and consider that they have fulfilled their “marketing duty” by following Facebook. The whole activity is much more complex, and we will try to explain in a few sentences why this is so: the announcement must be made at a time when it is most convenient for the audience to see it; it must be aesthetically appealing to keep her interested, and textually interactive enough to make the potential client dig deeper. On top of that, it is necessary to be optimized to keep the page neat, and to encourage interaction – and lead to greater brand visibility – it is necessary to be in constant communication with the digital audience. On top of that, we also manage campaigns and digital presence on other platforms. It seems almost impossible for one person to do all this, especially if he already has a job to do.

2. “The rule of our company is that everything should be in-house”

We have encountered such unwritten rules on several occasions. We believe that business models that do not give good enough results or simply cannot provide the necessary – must be abandoned in favor of more efficient, more lucrative ones. It is the imperative of the 21st century. Hiring an agency may leave the “comfort zone” of established rules, but it can bring new energy and ideas to the business process itself. Agencies usually have experience in various spheres of business and will recommend a performance that has proven to be effective. In addition, agencies follow trends in the field of digital marketing and have the capacity for performance: how to get to the first page on Google, what to do to make my ad appear on Instagram, etc. Agencies are familiar with all digital marketing tools and in the entire marketing “fan” you will find those that will suit your business.

3. “I have a friend who does it and it’s cheaper”

An individual as such may be cheaper, but in addition to not having the capacity of an entire team – it can also damage your digital presence if it does not work professionally. Hiring an agency is probably more expensive, but with the engagement, you get a whole team, which is coordinated. You may have a person who will post things for you on social networks, but often you will need the services of a professional photographer, website developer, or even the creation of special posters if you work in the hospitality sector and organize an event. Ultimately, hiring individuals for each of these actions will cost you more. If you are not satisfied with the performance or want to change the exit strategy, you can usually terminate the contract a few weeks before the deadline without additional costs or penalties.

4. “The digital marketing agency does not know how the company works”

This is actually a valid argument. Digital marketing is more than just respect on digital channels, the communication that accompanies the digital performance must correspond to the sensibility and strategy of the brand itself. The agency is also more difficult to control and sometimes the entire state of affairs cannot be presented through indirect communication. That is why it is important to find an agency that will be more than a service provider, but a ready and coordinated team that will act as a true partner and work together to promote your brand and grow your business. That’s why Monument SEO & Design, which consists of young and innovative people from the field of digital technologies, strives to push the boundaries with you in the world of advertising and to help you on your way to success. Because your success is our business.

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Find a digital marketing agency that will listen to you.

To summarize, in this article we mentioned some of the most frequent prejudice and ones that mislead people by giving a wrong and distorted picture of digital marketing and ways to implement it correctly (Myths About Digital Marketing Agencies That Have a Negative Impact on Your Business).

If you have carefully read the examples that we have listed as the most common misconceptions related to digital marketing, it is clear to you that they are precisely the myth that prevents your business from realizing its full potential and that with very reasonable investments, because so far no single form of marketing has was more favorable than digital marketing, and at the same time it did not have a very powerful and far-reaching impact if it is implemented in the right way and by experts in the field.

Don’t let prejudice lead you and prevent you from fulfilling your business potential – reach out and hire a full-service digital marketing expert team like Monument SEO & Design that will create and utilize your overall digital marketing strategy and you will be astonished by the results and how fast will they become visible and tangible.

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