PPC Trends in 2022

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Find out in this blog why PPC is beneficial for your business and what are the latest PPC Trends in 2022.

Pay Per Click or PPC is a form of online marketing where the advertiser places an advertisement and pays only for the number of clicks. This model provides advertisers to pay only when the interaction(click) between the user and the ad happens.

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We can say that PPC can be your reliable ally in the online visibility and growth of your business.

PPC Marketing Basics

PPC is an indisposable part of digital marketing overall, and can most often be seen in Google search results, although it is also present on social networks, primarily on Facebook and Instagram. This method of advertising is a fast and efficient way to increase your website traffic, establish new contacts, and ultimately increase sales. If an ad is created by using a specific keyword and with high digital quality, your website will rank high on the search engine and potential customers will be able to see you.

What is PPC?

PPC allows you one fantastic thing, and that is to always be at the top of search results, even better ranked than websites that are placed on the top of search engines organically. And while organic ranking requires time, patience, and compliance with SEO rules, PPC marketing allows you to be very quickly positioned at the very top of searches. Of course, that kind of opportunity comes with a cost, and you will have to pay for such a quick result. The cost of PPC depends, among other things on your digital marketing expertise.

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By paying for clicks, you practically get interested visitors to your site who are looking for something specific. This promotion model can be very profitable if visitors become interested in your service or product. However, more clicks mean more expensive advertising. That’s why is crucial to do the prep well and to closely target a specific audience, interested in the services you provide.

The most popular PPC platforms

If you aim for your business to be successful, PPC marketing is necessary. However, it is also a necessity to use the budget smartly and always be within a predicted range when you are investing in your marketing. If you are wondering which platforms pay the most and give the best results, the answer depends on what you want to achieve. We can say that Google and Facebook are being far ahead of the competition.

Google Ads – No internet advertising platform can match Google. This search engine throws out billions of search results every day. And while the absolute dominance of this search engine is an investment signal, it should be remembered that popularity brings with it more competition for keywords, which raises the cost of advertising.

Facebook Ads – The largest social network on the planet is extremely popular when it comes to advertising. A word about an effective platform that offers excellent audience filtering, based on data that many others do not have. Facebook Ads allows advertising based on gender, interests, age, location, behavior… It should also be emphasized that Facebook Ads covers the social network Facebook, but also Instagram. WhatsApp is also expected to be integrated soon.

Microsoft Ads – By merging advertising services on Bing and Yahoo search engines, Microsoft has become more competitive, especially in the United States, where Bing ranks higher than in the rest of the world. Depending on the target group for your ad, this advertising platform can be a great solution.

AdRoll – It is a platform for re-targeting people who have already visited your site. And while this option is possible through Google Ads, the advantage of AdRoll is that it offers display within Google, and social networks, but also on numerous sites where they have leased space. AdRoll focuses exclusively on banner ads.

So, what is new in 2022 when it comes to PPC?

1. Visual Search

Visual search becomes more and more popular and is one of the PPC trends in 2022.

Platforms like Google and Bing allow the user to search for desired content by adding a picture instead of using words. For example, by clicking on Google Lens, a user can either upload an existing image or take a photo. The search engine will then search for websites that have that particular image or similar ones.

This is a practical and fast way for consumers to find links to products or anything else they are looking for faster. In addition, digital marketing experts are anticipating that big improvements to this feature are yet to come in years ahead.

To ensure that you make the most of this innovation, it’s crucial that you create an image library of all your products/services/facilities to ensure that search engines can correctly label and position your pictures. The important thing is to add metadata.

2. Video Ads

Video content is maybe the biggest and most important marketing and also PPC trend in 2022.

If you are even remotely familiar with digital marketing trends, you are aware that the power of video content is higher than ever. What does it mean? Well, the internet is overloaded with content and the attention of customers is declining. statistics say that the average consumer focus is around 3 seconds, and if you don’t gain their attention by that time, they will leave. That implies that content (even visual content like videos) should be focused, valuable, informative, and engaging.

Short-form video is in the expansion thanks to the growth of TikTok and Instagram Reals. That is currently the most popular form of content on various online channels and you need to include it in your digital marketing strategy.  We must not forget YouTube and other bumpers.

A bumper ad is an ad no more than six seconds long and can play before, after, or during a video you decided to play. It can be used on YouTube, apps, and websites that are Google video partners. As this format uses target CPM bidding, you’ll be charged based on impressions. In summary, these kinds of ads are useful for boosting brand awareness and raising online visibility.

3. AI and automation

Artificial Inteligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer something new, as well as automation. It’s anticipated that AI usage will become more and more popular in 2022 and years ahead of us. Increasingly more marketers will turn to automation to help them reach informed digital marketing experts predict that a great number of companies, businesses, and marketers overall will start to use automation to gain leverage over the competition. When it comes to artificial intelligence specifically, experts also predict that AI will be more often used to improve PPC campaigns by helping in keyword optimization, analyzing bids, and predicting the CTR rate.

5. SEO

Content and SEO are a permanent trend, and they present one more PPC trend in 2022 to follow.

PPC and SEO are tools that can’t be separated and are closely connected in every way. Your PPC campaigns will continue to perform better in 2022 if they are built around the content that gets the best ranking. And that is long, informative and well SEO optimized content. Some predictions are saying that short-tail keywords might play a smaller role considering that voice search prefers natural, conversational language.

As in digital marketing overall, PPC trends in 2022 are also changing. We mentioned some of them that we found important for you to know. But, don’t be misled. PPC form of advertising is highly complex and requires an expert level of digital marketing knowledge. So, if you are considering implementing PPC in your strategy and rank high and fast on Google, we recommend outsourcing and hiring an expert as Monument SEO & Design for full digital marketing service. Contact us today at +17864423622 or request a free analysis.

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