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Find out about all the biggest SEO Trends in 2022 and be first on Google. How does that sound?

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In this blog find out what is new and what tool you should use to achieve a much better ranking on search engines.

SEO trends are constantly changing and adapting to changes in new algorithms of search engines, so why this year should be an exception?!

SEO trends in 2022 bring some innovations and changes and put greater focus than ever on the content.  

Here are some SEO tools to apply and be up-to-date and more successful in your business.

SEO is a well-known term in digital marketing circles and beyond. But, if you are new to online business you are probably wondering what SEO is anyway and why is so important?!

In short, it is internet search engine optimization that serves you to attract more consumers to your online platforms. SEO is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest updates can be a challenge. Succeeding or maintaining success in the business world in 2022 may not be the biggest challenge for you, but it won’t be a walk in the park either. The competition is strong and merciless. Many people online sell the same or similar products, offer the same kind of services, and it is not difficult to understand why entrepreneurs all over the world are constantly fighting with their business competitors and always looking for new ways to rank better and be more visible on the search engine. One way to achieve that goal is to focus on your SEO strategy and find the most effective ideas that could improve your business this year. In case this is what you’re interested in, we are bringing you a few important SEO trends in 2022 that might help you grow your online business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Here Now

When we are talking about artificial intelligence, we mean in the present tense, not some distant futuristic time period. AI has become, especially in the past previous years, a widely applicable field of information science that deals with the construction of smart machines, fully capable of performing tasks instead of humans. The AI most common and known to all of us in practice are Siri, Alexa and other smart assistants, self-driving cars, robot advisors, conversational bots, spam filters, and others. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing greatly the manner people interact with internet content. Google’s AI algorithm is particularly notable and mention-worthy. Introduced a few years ago, the algorithm – called RankBrain – plays an important role in Google’s ranking factors for search engine results pages (SERPs).

Quality of Content Will be More Important Than Ever

Google underlines that the quality of content is crucial to ranking success. Refer to the EAT principle: expertise, authority, and reliability. These factors help determine whether a website has useful quality content. This principle is particularly relevant in business niches that fall under the “your money, your life” (IMIL) label, such as healthcare and finance.

There are several ways you can ensure quality content. First, come up with buyer personas, which will allow you to understand what kind of content your customers value. Second, conduct search intent research, which helps you map the consumer journey. Third, use this information to create content that fits your users’ preferred format.

Long and Informative Texts

Content became more important than ever, and one of the main SEO trends in 2022. In the past, SEO industry leaders were guided by the rule that articles should be short and efficient, and that way they would attract the most readers. Although this is to some extent still the case nowadays, we are witnessing a shift towards longer articles, filled with relevant keywords, that provide people with more information and details and are considered as much more SEO friendly. Long-form content has several important benefits, from improving your SEO rating to making your blog/article more valuable.

Keywords Strategy 

Words and phrases are the basis of successful content on the Internet. Their basic function is to get as close as possible to the target audience in order to show them posts that are of interest to them. Primary keywords used to be the law, now we know that secondary keywords are just as important. Semantic search and intent optimization will gain further importance in the future. Google doesn’t just look at strings of words anymore. It analyzes the context of the query and tries to perceive the user’s search intent, which means that the more relevant information provided, through logically related primary and secondary keywords, the more successful your search result will be. Create texts that give you answers that your interest group would ask. And never write for bots, but for real people.

Optimization of Visual Content

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One of the important SEO trends in 2022 is a sky jump in video content.

Pretty pictures and static content on the Internet are pretty much a thing of the past. Video content took over the main position in reach and engagement online. That doesn’t mean that you should exclude all the static content from your marketing presence online, just that you need to create and publish more video content. Photos are still important, but videos are more important. Visual search has advanced tremendously. In the future, pictures and video materials will be used to buy products, get information, etc. Google has a long history of properly tagging and optimizing images and videos, so it perfectly clear that this is part of its plan for the long term. If your images are not optimized, take care of it now. Stick to a high-quality and appropriate image. Be sure to adjust the file name, labeling the photo file to refer to the content, on the appropriate page. Use alt tags that crawlers use to classify images. Don’t forget to add the images to the sitemap, where they can be found easily!

 Localization Of SERPs & SERP Changes

Its common knowledge that Google often experiments with various changes to improve the search experience and bring better and faster solutions. In 2022, SEO experts are emphasizing that continued testing and changes in this area will be enforced, especially when it comes to growth in online shopping, trust signals, reviews, and brand awareness.

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The hot topic in SEO trends in 2022 is the localization of SERPs and how it relates to the content.

In 2022 ​​Google became much more focused on the localization of content. During the past year, we witnessed more websites with country-specific content outranking those that used to be top of the SERPs but are more globally focused. This practice will only get more obvious in 2022 even for purely online businesses with no actual products or merchandise to sell.

For websites that are globally oriented and not just targeting one country or region, it will become necessary to create and establish local-focused content, claim the experts.

Look at your key search terms that show some local intent. For example, Digital services USA’ – if you are seeing search results being served that have obvious keyword targeting for ‘USA,’ you may be in an industry where Google is showing more localized SERPs.

If that is the case, you will have to create USA -specific pages where you perhaps had globally-focused ones previously. You will have to show local relevance through your content, as well.

In summary, we can conclude that SEO trends in 2022 are much more content, as well as locally oriented, and that trend has tendencies to continue in the future.

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