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Find out everything about social media marketing trends for 2022 in this blog.

We have dedicated this blog to social networks, in order to bring you closer to all the new ways you can use them to improve your business.

Probably in 2022, even the birds on the trees know that social networks have taken over the world. When we say that we can imagine everyday life without social media, we mean their personal usage, but above all the usage of the social channels to promote and grow business, raise brand awareness, and position well on the online map. If you want that, you will need to know all about social media marketing trends in 2022.

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Social media platforms have become an inseparable part of people’s lives and daily routines. Everything that’s happening – happening on social media, or it’s like it didn’t happen at al. Do you understand the magnitude of social media and how important is to be present on those platforms if you run a business?

Younger generations, but also people between 25 and 45 are pretty much addicted to it. That goes to extent that the first thing they do when they wake up is to check their social media feeds.

Given the importance of social media in consumers’ lives, marketers and businesses are more and more using social platforms to generate more new leads, expand their audience, lift brand awareness, and connect with their potential customers.

The popularity of social media has never been higher than today, but for that reason, we have reached a content overload on social media, and the competition is merciless and numerous. In that pool full of biting fishes, it can be very challenging for you to stand out unless you have a well-designed and impactful social media marketing strategy.

Social media platforms and their algorithms are changing constantly, so you always need to be up to date and informed about the latest trends, so you could construct, adapt and execute your marketing strategy in a way you get desired results. 

Being updated on the latest social media trends in 2022 can help you establish or reconstruct your social media strategy and make sure you always stand out in the crowd.

Health providing services industry, like nursing homes or rehabilitation centers, is extremely competitive and it’s even more competitive when it comes to gaining an audience on social media, so you need to stand out and show your uniqueness, expertise, and everything else you consider to be important for your future clients to know about your business and services.

We are bringing you the 5 most important social media trends in 2022 that you need to be aware of:

1.Video Content Rules and Tramples Everything in its Path

If we are talking about social media marketing trends in 2022 – this is the ultimate first.

Maybe we are all used to looking at pretty pictures on Facebook and Instagram, or reed informative blogs on social media platforms, but that kind of content is pushed aside by video content, especially by Reels and Story content.

Video content took over the leading position on social media, and it has a higher reach, and engagement rate and social media algorithms are placing it organically better than static content. So, you need to turn on the camera and make some video content that will show people you are targeting who you are and what are you offering. The audience on social media platforms would rather see a short video showing your facility and explaining the services you provide than reading about it or looking at photos. That doesn’t mean that you should replace your entire content with video materials, but you should include it in your social media strategy.

2.TikTok Will Rule this Year and Will Become Even More Impactful and Popular

While Instagram is still holding the crown, TikTok is at a speed of light moving up in the ranks. Plus, considering the popularity of short-form video content, there are all ods that this network will become even more popular by the end of the year, threatening seriously to take over the throne from Instagram. TikTok is a big opportunity for enlarging your audience, putting your business name out there, and simply taking advantage of all the new possibilities this platform provides.

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In the past two years, TikTok didn’t waste time and has worked on how to attract a more serious audience, brands and companies included. For that purpose, they have launched a number of very useful tools, like ads and business profiles, aimed specifically at businesses. So, it’s no longer just a cute and childish platform where young creators and kids can show their dance moves and tell jokes.

In summary, TikTok has become in a very short period of time the main platform that brands and companies can use to win over millennials and Generation Z.

Definitely, TikTok is the main social media marketing trend in 2022.

3. Paid Ads on Social Media Will Become a Necessity

Research regarding social media marketing trends in 2022, conducted by Hootsuite had shown that more than 40% of respondents indicated that they suffered a decline in their organic social media reach and that they were “forced” to spend more than usual on paid advertising. They emphasized that was their biggest challenge regarding social media in the past period.

If we consider the fact that the average organic reach for a Facebook post is just slightly over 5% according to Hootsuite’s data, it is perfectly clear and understandable why paid advertising will become more necessary in the future period.

4.Social Media Communities Will Become Much More Popular

One of the social media marketing  trends in 2022 is a rise in community popularity, and that is a good thing for businesses.

Social media communities and their popularity is not something colossally new, but it is definitely something that is becoming much more popular, according to social media experts and analysts.

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We define social media communities as groups created by certain brands, companies, and organizations… to provide a networking platform for their customers. Community groups are usually private and members are like-minded people who can join the group to exchange their interests and experiences.

Facebook Groups are the most popular and the most used ones, and they are a perfect example of what we call social communities. More and more brands utilize this kind of group to bring all of their existing and prospective customers together and engage with them in a meaningful and effective way. Members of social media community groups can discuss all sorts of topics, share their experiences, seek solutions to challenges they are experiencing, and more. Community groups possess a high level of strength and potential, especially for brands and businesses.

5.Corporate-Social Responsibility Will Become the Golden Key

In the past decade, we have learned a lot about corporate social responsibility and what kind of significance it has for the community and far beyond that. But, in the past two-three years, corporate social responsibility became a very hot topic. And for a very good reason, you will agree?. In 2022, brands will need to continue emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity and increase their efforts in showing they are engaged in issues that strike their communities, countries, or the world.

Brands will have to asses which social issues mean the most to their target audience and put themselves into action. Consumers and the public, in general, have set high standards for brands when it comes to social responsibility and a gesture or two once in a while will no longer be remotely enough. 

To wrap it up – social media marketing trends in 2022 are showing us that things are going faster, changes are inevitable, and businesses will have to address a lot higher demands from their audience if they have the intention to keep it.

So, if you paid attention and fully comprehended how important social media platforms are for your business and that you need to be updated with all the changes that happen almost daily, we recommend outsourcing and hiring a digital marketing and social media expert like Monument SEO & Design to run your social media channels for the best possible performance you can achieve by hiring professionals in that field. Contact us today at +786 442 3622 for free assessments and consultations.

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